Listen to Mozart’s clavichord in Mozarthaus Vienna

Psssst! You have to be silent to hear the music!

Only 5 original instruments of Mozart are left! One is Mozart’s clavichord which arrived from Salzburg to be presented for two weeks at Mozart’s original home at Mozarthaus Vienna in Domgasse 5 , Vienna .

The clavichord a very sensitive instrument and  you need to have special experience to play it. We had the honor to hear the expert for historic music instruments Ingomar Rainer, a specialist for historic instruments who play the clavichord for us in Mozart’s provate rooms at Mozarthaus Vienna.

There were just about 30 people in the audience at Mozarthaus Vienna and we had to be very calm for being able to hear the music from this special but really quiet instrument.

(c)  Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg

Mozart’s clavichord (c) Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg

It’s looks like a small keyboard and it is not suitable for playing with other instruments, because it is so quiet.  This instrument brings you very close to the private Mozart, who used it to compose and present the masterpieces to his family and friends at home.

If this instrument would talk, what would it tell us about the owner who played for hours and hours alone, during the nights or with friends … Mozart did not use it for public concerts but used it for practising on and composing at home. You can change the tone even after the key has been struck and it has a range of five octaves.

Ankunft Mozarts Clavichord im Mozarthaus Vienna

Arrival Mozart’s Clavichord at Mozarthaus Vienna (c) Mozarthaus Vienna

The clavichord was displayed in Vienna for two weeks, for the first time since the 18th century. The stringed keyboard instrument was part of the estate of Mozart’s youngest son Franz Xaver, who in 1841 bequeathed it to the Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg, which has now loaned it to Vienna’s Mozarthaus, where he lived from 1784 to 1787.


Mozart (c) Wikipedia

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart’s original clavichord is normally exhibited at Mozart’s Birthplace in Salzburg. According to a handwritten certificate by Constanze Mozart glued onto it, it was used by the composer for some of his last works, including “The Magic Flute”, “La clemenza di Tito” and “Requiem”. The clavichord was bequeathed by Mozart’s younger son Franz Xaver to the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation, which has lent it to Mozarthaus Vienna for two weeks. It was the first time since Mozart’s era that the valuable instrument could be seen and heard in Mozart’s only surviving apartment in Vienna.

Mozarthaus Vienna

Mozarthaus Vienna, Domgasse 5, 1010 Wien

The clavichord came with a small handwritten note by Mozart’s wife Constanze, in which she testifies that her husband’s last works such as The Magic Flute, La clemenza di Tito, and Requiem were all composed on the instrument within the space of five months.

(c) Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum

Constanze Handschrift Clavichord (c) Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum


The clavichord was very popuar at Mozart’s time. Mozart and other composers like Haydn and Bach used it for composing or family concerts.

If you want to listen to Mozart’s clavichord don’t miss this great  Video – only in german but music doesn’t need any transaltion 😉 Right?


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Mozart (c) Wikipedia


Beerenpunsch & Weihnachtsmärkte …

For English please scroll down to the italics

Gab  es vor ein paar Woche noch wärmende Temperaturen um die 20 Grad, so sieht es jetzt schon ganz anders aus!

Viele  stürmen zu den ersten Weihnachtsmärkten  und gerne lässt man den Feierabend mit Freunden bei einem Glas Punsch ausklingen.
Kirschpunsch, Beerenpunsch, Kinderpunsch … – welcher darf es denn sein?

Neben den traditionellen Weihnachtsmärken vor dem Wiener Rathaus, Schloss Schönbrunn oder Belvedere gibt es auch sehr interssante Geheimtipps um in Weihnachtsstimmmung zu kommen 😉

Schon allein der Spaziergang am Graben mit der festlichen Beleuchtung ist einen Besuch wert und läßt so manchen Ballsaal verblassen.

Quite recently we saw 20 degrees C, meanwhile Austria appears in elegant grey and white …

Many flock to the Christmas Markets  to welcome the season with a Punch.
Cherry punch, berry punch, kids‘ alcohol free punch … – which one you’d like?

Besides the traditional Christmas Markets in front of the Vienna City Hall, Schloss Schönbrunn or the Belvedere there’s some smaller, less known Christmas market places to discover 😉

Here’s a beautiful photo of am Graben street in Vienna City Center – that almost looks like a huge Christmas ballroom.

Weihnachten Wien Graben

Um einen köstlichen Punsch beim Besuch einer der vielen Weihnachtsmärkte zu genießen, empfehlen wir schon jetzt einen Blick auf das Angebot der aktellen Weihnachtsmärkte zu werfen!

Wientourismus hat eine umfangreiche Liste der Weihnachtsmärkte in Wien zusammengestellt:
Weihnachtsmärkte in Wien – viele haben bereits geöffnet, die anderen starten dieses Wochenende!

Musikalische Angebote gibt es bei vielen Adventkonzerten und Silvesterkonzerten. Action und sportbegeisterte finden Spaß und Winter-Action beim Fridge Festival.
Tolle Einzelstücke findet man bei Weihnachtsmärkte mit Design sowie den grünen Weihnachtsmärkten.

Weihnachtmärkte in ganz Österreich sind auf den Seiten von Österreich Werbung zu finden.

Die passenden Hotels zur online Buchung finden Sie unter: und

Here’s the places to go:

The Vienna Tourist Board poduced an extensive list of the Christmas Markets in Vienna:
Christmas Markets in Vienna – many are open already, all the others will open this weekend.

Music is catered for with Christmas Concerts and New Years Concerts. Action, sports and fun you’ll find at the Winter-Action Fridge Festival.
If you are looking for designs you might like those ones: Design Christmas Markets or the green Christmas Markets.

Christmas Markets in Austria are listed on the pages of the Austrian National Tourist Office.

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Punsch und gebackene Mäuse

Punsch und gebackene Mäuse

Vorweihnachtliche Grüße! Christmas greetings #love #light #stardust

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Some impressions of the KLIMT year

Vienna celebrates the whole year the 150th birthday of its famous artist GUSTAV KLIMT.

One of his famous masterpieces THE KISS you can see in Castle Belvedere, a museum of fine art in the city center of Vienna.

Learn more about his amaizing work  here

Great exhibitions in Vienna show the genius work like the one at Museum Belvedere Vienna

Water Serpents II, Gustav Klimt by Belvedere

Gustav Klimt, Watersnakes II (Hotel Belvedere)

Gustav Klimt was inspired by a golden cupola he saw in Venice; the prominent use of gold can first be traced back to Pallas Athene and Judith

Judith, Gustav Klimt by Belvedere Vienna

He became one of the founding members and president of the Wiener Sezession,

a beautiful art building next to the ‚Naschmarkt‘ (don’t miss this when you come to Vienna!)

 Gustav Klimt, Beethovenfries – secession


One of the biggest Gustv Klimt exhibitions is presented at  Belvedere, the beautiful castle of Prince Eugene of Savoy one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history.

On Gustav Klimts birthday, July 14 there was a big celebration at the castle with many creative workshops. Did you ever print your own Klimt coin?

Handprinted coins (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Here is the result:

Printed coins (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Children worked on very nice Klimt paintings

Klimt art workshop (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

The two ones in the middle are the winners of the Klimt competition. They really look like the couple Gustav Klimt and Emilie Flöge 😉

Klimt competition at belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Have fun and Klimt Yourself 🙂

Inside Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Amaizing view inside and outside of castle Belvedere …

The view from Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

View from Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Park at Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

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QUEEN Elisabeth II. was amused about her stay in Hotel Imperial Vienna

Today you can read about the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in every newspaper but did you ever stay in the same room like the queen? Check out this special experience and book our Madame Tussauds Package in Hotel Imperial Vienna!

Queen Elizabeth II. copyright Madame TussaudsThe visit of England’s Queen Elizabeth II in 1969 was one of the hotel’s high points. She was not initially pleased at the idea of being lodged in a hotel. Wasn’t there a spare palace in this former imperial city? Sure. But none of them offered the luxurious splendour of the Imperial. As it was, Queen Elizabeth enjoyed her stay very much. According to the manager she left with warm words of gratitude and a little present for every single employee of the house.

The sumptuous surroundings of the Hotel Imperial were originally created in 1863 as the Vienna residence of the prince of Württemberg. The stately palace on the magnificent Ring Boulevcopyright Hotel Imperial Viennaard was transformed into the Hotel Imperial for the universal exhibition in 1873. The hotel gained renown around the world as a byword for discretion and impeccable service. The Hotel Imperial takes pride in pampering and delighting discerning travelers, those who are accustomed to staying at the best addresses. Their stay shall be crowned by every conceivable amenity.

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Wohnen wie Alfred Hitchcock … in Wien

Auch ALFRED HITCHCOCK wohnte in einer offenbar beeindruckenden Imperial Suite des Luxushotels in Wien am Ring.

„The Master of Suspense“, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, logierte mit seiner Gattin Alma im Jahr 1964 während seines Wien-Aufenthaltes für seinen Film „Die Vögel“ im Hotel Imperial.
Sein Kommentar zum Besuch war filmreif, denn er sagte:“Wir wohnten in diesen riesigen Zimmern im Hotel Imperial. Die waren so groß, dass ich meine kleine Frau verlor. Hinter einer Marmorsäule fand ich Sie wieder.“

© Hotel ImperialEr hat sich übrigens auch selbst im Gästebuch des Hotel Imperial portraitiert.

Noch etwas verbindet Alfred Hitchcock indirekt mit Wien:„Waltzes from Vienna“ist ein „Musical ohne Musik“ des Regisseurs Alfred Hitchcock aus dem Jahr 1934 und handelt von den beiden Wiener Komponisten Johann Strauss (Vater) und Sohn und der Entstehung des weltberühmten Musikstück „An der schönen blauen Donau“.

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