Sweet champions at Marriot’s CHEESECAKE CORNER …

Cheesecake Coner at Hotel Marriott Vienna

Cheesecake Coner at Hotel Marriott Vienna / photo by B. Pfisterer

Located in Vienna’s city center on the famous ‚Ringstrasse‘ HOTEL MARRIOT VIENNA ***** you can find a sweet secret: The new CHEESECAKE Corner!

All about cheesecake! To choose among 8 different cheesecakes isn’t that easy 😉 One looking better than the other, one tastes better than the other … makes it very hard to find your personal champion!

Hotel Marriot Vienna

photo by Brigitte Pfisterer

Check in at the 5-star Hotel Marriot just few minutes away from the CAT airport in the city center. Visit Stadtpark on the other side of the street and meet the famous conductor Johann Strauss. Take a ride with the horse carriage ‚Fiaker‘ or rent a bike to discover Vienna yourself.

After a Sightseeing Tour or a visit in one of the great museums take a rest in the cafe of the hotel at the Cheesecake Corner in the Gardencafe!

Cheesecake Corner HotelMarriot Vienna

Cheesecake corner at Hotel Marriott / photo by Brigitte Pfisterer

Marketing Supervisor Marle Seedorf and Pâtissier of Hotel Marriott Gerhard Burger proudly present their 8 delicious cheesecakes :

Pâtissier of Hotel Marriott Gerhard Burger

Marie Seedorf with Pâtissier of Hotel Marriott Gerhard Burger / photo by B. Pfisterer

Now choose your favorite cheesecake!

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cookie Cheesecake / photo by B. Pfisterer

Caramelized Nuts Cheesecake

Caramelized Nuts Cheesecake / photo by B. Pfisterer

Woodberry Cheesecake

Woodberry Cheesecake / photo by B. Pfisterer

X-Mas Special: baked apple cinnamon cheesecake

X-Mas Special: baked apple cinnamon cheesecake / photo by B. Pfisterer

The beautiful Gartencafe of Hotel Marriott with the new cheese corner invites you to relax and enjoy a break.

Gartencafe - Hotel Marriott

Gartencafe – Hotel Marriott / photo by B. Pfisterer

To tell you a secret:  my favorite cake was the caramelized nuts cheesecake 🙂


So don’t forget to visit the Cheesecake Corner at  your next trip to Vienna

Happy young faces at the Cheesecake Corner

Happy young faces at the Cheesecake Corner / photo by B. Pfisterer

Find out more about the Hotel Marriott Vienna and book it online at:

Hotel booking Hotel Marriott Vienna

And don’t forget to tell me your favorite cheesecake!!

See you at the Cheesecake Corner 😉

Your Brigitte from Vienna



Amsterdam inside

Here’s some impressions and recommendations for your trip to Amsterdam …

To go out in Amsterdam – for restaurant, pubs and bars galore … go to Leidseplein area. Nice restaurants of all kinds gather in the district.

If you are looking for a typical jazz club, try Cafe Alto Jazz Club. There’s good programme every night. Entrance is 5 EUR, ist’s packed full by 10 p.m. – opens at 9 p.m.

Another thing worth seeing near Leidseplein is the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe – on the ground floor you sit at the waterside – it’s really well done, go have a look.

Let’s stay with the Cafés in Amsterdam:

The central train station has two really interesting ones, which you won’t typically expect to be located exactly on the platform (!):

First is the Grand Cafe ruled by a white parrot, going on an inspection trip now and again inside and then playing with the waiter.

Typical and quite impressive is the ceiling decoration, which is typical for the central train station, but the best in shape inside this cafe.

The Grand Cafe is situated directly on Platform 2B of the Central Train Station.

There’s another place that needs to be recommended – also located at the Central Train Station, which is somewhat a little mall, too.

Julia’s lives up to their claim: Julia’s believes in eating well. Even if you do not have much time. This is why Julia cooks for you – with the best ingredients, real Italian products and authentic recipies – and above all, with love! Well, seems so: the coffee’s great, the croissants and the ciabatta were tasty and fresh, the place’s decoration is really beautiful and stylish, all staff smiling and nice. They got the concept right.

Interesting place and starting point for trams, buses, tour boats (it’s nice and inexpensive (11-13 EUR) with intersting explanations, worth trying) – is the Amsterdam Central Train Station. Unique architecture … best preserved within the mentioned Grand Cafe at the moment.

Well worth hanging out is the Café De Jaren:

Lovely contemporary architecture, facing the water on the rear side.

Very spacy and open, friendly staff. Looked as if this was more a place where typically the local people would go, just heard Dutch all around.

Really a nice and laid back place.

The jasmine tea is lovely, by the way 🙂 – and the croissants taste nice.

For great concerts also in contemporary music, especially Jazz, try to get tickets at the Bimhuis. Interesting about the place is not just its quality and architecture, but also the fact that there’s huge cruise ships and tall sailing boats „parking“ both sides of it now and again …

So, enough for today. Check back later, I might just add some more hints and places.

Enjoy wondering 😉