Some impressions of the KLIMT year

Vienna celebrates the whole year the 150th birthday of its famous artist GUSTAV KLIMT.

One of his famous masterpieces THE KISS you can see in Castle Belvedere, a museum of fine art in the city center of Vienna.

Learn more about his amaizing work  here

Great exhibitions in Vienna show the genius work like the one at Museum Belvedere Vienna

Water Serpents II, Gustav Klimt by Belvedere

Gustav Klimt, Watersnakes II (Hotel Belvedere)

Gustav Klimt was inspired by a golden cupola he saw in Venice; the prominent use of gold can first be traced back to Pallas Athene and Judith

Judith, Gustav Klimt by Belvedere Vienna

He became one of the founding members and president of the Wiener Sezession,

a beautiful art building next to the ‚Naschmarkt‘ (don’t miss this when you come to Vienna!)

 Gustav Klimt, Beethovenfries – secession


One of the biggest Gustv Klimt exhibitions is presented at  Belvedere, the beautiful castle of Prince Eugene of Savoy one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history.

On Gustav Klimts birthday, July 14 there was a big celebration at the castle with many creative workshops. Did you ever print your own Klimt coin?

Handprinted coins (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Here is the result:

Printed coins (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Children worked on very nice Klimt paintings

Klimt art workshop (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

The two ones in the middle are the winners of the Klimt competition. They really look like the couple Gustav Klimt and Emilie Flöge 😉

Klimt competition at belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Have fun and Klimt Yourself 🙂

Inside Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Amaizing view inside and outside of castle Belvedere …

The view from Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

View from Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Park at Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

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Your Brigitte from Vienna