Sweet champions at Marriot’s CHEESECAKE CORNER …

Cheesecake Coner at Hotel Marriott Vienna

Cheesecake Coner at Hotel Marriott Vienna / photo by B. Pfisterer

Located in Vienna’s city center on the famous ‚Ringstrasse‘ HOTEL MARRIOT VIENNA ***** you can find a sweet secret: The new CHEESECAKE Corner!

All about cheesecake! To choose among 8 different cheesecakes isn’t that easy 😉 One looking better than the other, one tastes better than the other … makes it very hard to find your personal champion!

Hotel Marriot Vienna

photo by Brigitte Pfisterer

Check in at the 5-star Hotel Marriot just few minutes away from the CAT airport in the city center. Visit Stadtpark on the other side of the street and meet the famous conductor Johann Strauss. Take a ride with the horse carriage ‚Fiaker‘ or rent a bike to discover Vienna yourself.

After a Sightseeing Tour or a visit in one of the great museums take a rest in the cafe of the hotel at the Cheesecake Corner in the Gardencafe!

Cheesecake Corner HotelMarriot Vienna

Cheesecake corner at Hotel Marriott / photo by Brigitte Pfisterer

Marketing Supervisor Marle Seedorf and Pâtissier of Hotel Marriott Gerhard Burger proudly present their 8 delicious cheesecakes :

Pâtissier of Hotel Marriott Gerhard Burger

Marie Seedorf with Pâtissier of Hotel Marriott Gerhard Burger / photo by B. Pfisterer

Now choose your favorite cheesecake!

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cookie Cheesecake / photo by B. Pfisterer

Caramelized Nuts Cheesecake

Caramelized Nuts Cheesecake / photo by B. Pfisterer

Woodberry Cheesecake

Woodberry Cheesecake / photo by B. Pfisterer

X-Mas Special: baked apple cinnamon cheesecake

X-Mas Special: baked apple cinnamon cheesecake / photo by B. Pfisterer

The beautiful Gartencafe of Hotel Marriott with the new cheese corner invites you to relax and enjoy a break.

Gartencafe - Hotel Marriott

Gartencafe – Hotel Marriott / photo by B. Pfisterer

To tell you a secret:  my favorite cake was the caramelized nuts cheesecake 🙂


So don’t forget to visit the Cheesecake Corner at  your next trip to Vienna

Happy young faces at the Cheesecake Corner

Happy young faces at the Cheesecake Corner / photo by B. Pfisterer

Find out more about the Hotel Marriott Vienna and book it online at:

Hotel booking Hotel Marriott Vienna

And don’t forget to tell me your favorite cheesecake!!

See you at the Cheesecake Corner 😉

Your Brigitte from Vienna



AFRIKA! AFRIKA! Jetzt ermäßigte Tickets sichern!

AFRIKA! AFRIKA! gilt mit rund 4 Mio. Besucher unumstritten als einer der größten Erfolge im internationalen Show-Business der letzten 20 Jahre. Jetzt hat André Heller das rauschhafte Spektakel subtil, opulent, innovativ und mit licht- und bühnentechnischem Aufwand als Theaterereignis neuinszeniert.Über Weihnachten und Silvester – vom 22.12.2013 bis 16.01.2014 – gastiert die allerorts gefeierte Show auch wieder in Wien.
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Some impressions of the KLIMT year

Vienna celebrates the whole year the 150th birthday of its famous artist GUSTAV KLIMT.

One of his famous masterpieces THE KISS you can see in Castle Belvedere, a museum of fine art in the city center of Vienna.

Learn more about his amaizing work  here www.iklimt.com/work.html

Great exhibitions in Vienna show the genius work like the one at Museum Belvedere Vienna

Water Serpents II, Gustav Klimt by Belvedere

Gustav Klimt, Watersnakes II (Hotel Belvedere)

Gustav Klimt was inspired by a golden cupola he saw in Venice; the prominent use of gold can first be traced back to Pallas Athene and Judith

Judith, Gustav Klimt by Belvedere Vienna

He became one of the founding members and president of the Wiener Sezession,

a beautiful art building next to the ‚Naschmarkt‘ (don’t miss this when you come to Vienna!)

 Gustav Klimt, Beethovenfries – secession


One of the biggest Gustv Klimt exhibitions is presented at  Belvedere, the beautiful castle of Prince Eugene of Savoy one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history.

On Gustav Klimts birthday, July 14 there was a big celebration at the castle with many creative workshops. Did you ever print your own Klimt coin?

Handprinted coins (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Here is the result:

Printed coins (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Children worked on very nice Klimt paintings

Klimt art workshop (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

The two ones in the middle are the winners of the Klimt competition. They really look like the couple Gustav Klimt and Emilie Flöge 😉

Klimt competition at belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Have fun and Klimt Yourself 🙂 http://klimt.wien.info/en/

Inside Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Amaizing view inside and outside of castle Belvedere …

The view from Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

View from Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Park at Castle Belvedere (c) Brigitte Pfisterer

Now this looks fantastic, right?… Time To Visit Vienna NOW!

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Your Brigitte from Vienna

Endlich gibt es sie … die faire Buchungsplattform

www.fairnesstravel.com steht für faire Konditionen im Tourismus.

Wir haben Tourismus fair und als Community neu gedacht:

Seit Jahresbeginn gibt’s Aufstand in der Hotellerie wegen zu hoher Provisionen auf Onlineplattformen. Bis zu 30% vom Zimmerpreis …
Hotelierverbände forderten eine faire Plattform. Wir haben uns gedacht, fair ist ein schönes Geschäftsprinzip, also haben wir sie gemacht. Und alle dürfen mitmachen, alle Hotels, alle Tourismusverbände, alle Reisebüros, Guides, Locations … you name it.

Erste Destinationen im BETA Testbetrieb sind online. Jetzt fehlen nur noch viele Kunden, denen faire Konditionen auch ein Anliegen sind ♥

Mehr dazu gibt es in unserem CEO Blog:


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The Penguins of Boulders, South Africa …

… those little buggers …

… are really adorable, aren’t they?

Penguins in Boulders, South Africa

Penguin couple. (c) I.Mader

lonesome wanderer 😉 (c) I.Mader

This species is the so called African Penguin. More: http://www.simonstown.com/tourism/penguins/penguins.htm

We recommend you stay in nearby Cape Town and drive the 40 km south to Boulders. A little further south make sure to visit Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet.

There are many nice places to stay. We recommend to get advice on where is the best to stay in terms of your itinerary and budget.

One recommendation upfront, a very unique hotel with a magnificent view:

Colona Castle *****
1 Verwood Street
7945 Cape Town, RSA.

For avaialble rooms and prices you may check here

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Tagungsdestination Wels

Mitten in Österreich – und exzellent gemanagt:

Wels hat sich konsequent und professionell als top Tagungsdestination etabliert. Exquisite und professionelle Abwicklung, kreative Umsetzungen, tolle Locations in allen Größen und modernstes Konferenzmanagement vom Hotelkontingenteinkauf bis zur online Kongressregistrierung bekommt der Veranstalter alles – gewissermaßen ein Sorglos-Paket. Der Partner dabei lautet Business Touristik Wels – der sehr dynamisch und erfolgreich geführte Tourismusverband der Stadt Wels . Falls man das nun herausliest: ja, wir waren sehr angetan. 😉

Welios – Energie.Erlebnis.Haus. Foto mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Wels Business Touristik

Event Locations gibt es in jeder Größe, ein paar Beispiele gibt es schon einmal hier.

Mehr insgesamt bei

Wels Marketing & Touristik GmbH
A-4600 Wels, Stadtplatz 44
Tel.: + 43 (0) 7242/67722-22, Fax: + 43 (0) 7242/67722-4
eMail: info@wels-info.at
Wir wünschen Ihnen eine gelungene und erfolgreiche Veranstaltung!
Isabella Mader
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QUEEN Elisabeth II. was amused about her stay in Hotel Imperial Vienna

Today you can read about the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in every newspaper but did you ever stay in the same room like the queen? Check out this special experience and book our Madame Tussauds Package in Hotel Imperial Vienna!

Queen Elizabeth II. copyright Madame TussaudsThe visit of England’s Queen Elizabeth II in 1969 was one of the hotel’s high points. She was not initially pleased at the idea of being lodged in a hotel. Wasn’t there a spare palace in this former imperial city? Sure. But none of them offered the luxurious splendour of the Imperial. As it was, Queen Elizabeth enjoyed her stay very much. According to the manager she left with warm words of gratitude and a little present for every single employee of the house.

The sumptuous surroundings of the Hotel Imperial were originally created in 1863 as the Vienna residence of the prince of Württemberg. The stately palace on the magnificent Ring Boulevcopyright Hotel Imperial Viennaard was transformed into the Hotel Imperial for the universal exhibition in 1873. The hotel gained renown around the world as a byword for discretion and impeccable service. The Hotel Imperial takes pride in pampering and delighting discerning travelers, those who are accustomed to staying at the best addresses. Their stay shall be crowned by every conceivable amenity.

Book this Madame Tussauds package online or get informations about other trips of famous persons here: http://www.nethotels.com/tussauds

If you have questions or you want to travel with a group please contact me!


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Amsterdam inside

Here’s some impressions and recommendations for your trip to Amsterdam …

To go out in Amsterdam – for restaurant, pubs and bars galore … go to Leidseplein area. Nice restaurants of all kinds gather in the district.

If you are looking for a typical jazz club, try Cafe Alto Jazz Club. There’s good programme every night. Entrance is 5 EUR, ist’s packed full by 10 p.m. – opens at 9 p.m.

Another thing worth seeing near Leidseplein is the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe – on the ground floor you sit at the waterside – it’s really well done, go have a look.

Let’s stay with the Cafés in Amsterdam:

The central train station has two really interesting ones, which you won’t typically expect to be located exactly on the platform (!):

First is the Grand Cafe ruled by a white parrot, going on an inspection trip now and again inside and then playing with the waiter.

Typical and quite impressive is the ceiling decoration, which is typical for the central train station, but the best in shape inside this cafe.

The Grand Cafe is situated directly on Platform 2B of the Central Train Station.

There’s another place that needs to be recommended – also located at the Central Train Station, which is somewhat a little mall, too.

Julia’s lives up to their claim: Julia’s believes in eating well. Even if you do not have much time. This is why Julia cooks for you – with the best ingredients, real Italian products and authentic recipies – and above all, with love! Well, seems so: the coffee’s great, the croissants and the ciabatta were tasty and fresh, the place’s decoration is really beautiful and stylish, all staff smiling and nice. They got the concept right.

Interesting place and starting point for trams, buses, tour boats (it’s nice and inexpensive (11-13 EUR) with intersting explanations, worth trying) – is the Amsterdam Central Train Station. Unique architecture … best preserved within the mentioned Grand Cafe at the moment.

Well worth hanging out is the Café De Jaren:

Lovely contemporary architecture, facing the water on the rear side.

Very spacy and open, friendly staff. Looked as if this was more a place where typically the local people would go, just heard Dutch all around.

Really a nice and laid back place.

The jasmine tea is lovely, by the way 🙂 – and the croissants taste nice.

For great concerts also in contemporary music, especially Jazz, try to get tickets at the Bimhuis. Interesting about the place is not just its quality and architecture, but also the fact that there’s huge cruise ships and tall sailing boats „parking“ both sides of it now and again …

So, enough for today. Check back later, I might just add some more hints and places.

Enjoy wondering 😉



Life Ball – May 19, 2012, Vienna – Celebrate Life!

Celebrating the joy of life and the diversity of cultures, Life Ball since 1993 unites the Viennese ball tradition with opulence, extravagance, glamour, provocation, fancy performances, committed speeches as well as emotional moments.

The heart of the idea is hope – for a better future for people affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Life Ball is the biggest charity event in Europe in the heart of Vienna

This year the motto  „Fight the Flames of Ignorance“

Many famous people support the Life Ball.

Bill Clinton. Antonio Banderas, Brigitte Nielsen Kiera Chaplin, Richie Rich,  Amanda Lepore, Al Jarreau, Judith Hill, Ben Becker  and many more …

Many guests arrive in their fancy outfit

Be a part of it! The first part in front of the town hall is free for everyone.

Hotels are still availiable in any price range:

Austria Trend Hotel Europa 4*
Double room excl. breakfast  € 126,96 (Promotion Rate)

Hotel Ibis Wien Messe 3*
Double room excl. breakfast  € 110,00

Etap Hotel Wien Sankt Marx 2*
Double room excl. breakfast € 56,00

Don’t miss this event!!!

More about the Life Ball

Brigitte from Vienna

Wohnen wie Alfred Hitchcock … in Wien

Auch ALFRED HITCHCOCK wohnte in einer offenbar beeindruckenden Imperial Suite des Luxushotels in Wien am Ring.

„The Master of Suspense“, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, logierte mit seiner Gattin Alma im Jahr 1964 während seines Wien-Aufenthaltes für seinen Film „Die Vögel“ im Hotel Imperial.
Sein Kommentar zum Besuch war filmreif, denn er sagte:“Wir wohnten in diesen riesigen Zimmern im Hotel Imperial. Die waren so groß, dass ich meine kleine Frau verlor. Hinter einer Marmorsäule fand ich Sie wieder.“

© Hotel ImperialEr hat sich übrigens auch selbst im Gästebuch des Hotel Imperial portraitiert.

Noch etwas verbindet Alfred Hitchcock indirekt mit Wien:„Waltzes from Vienna“ist ein „Musical ohne Musik“ des Regisseurs Alfred Hitchcock aus dem Jahr 1934 und handelt von den beiden Wiener Komponisten Johann Strauss (Vater) und Sohn und der Entstehung des weltberühmten Musikstück „An der schönen blauen Donau“.

Online buchbar finden Sie diese und andere Reisen berühmter Persönlichkeiten hier: http://www.nethotels.com/tussauds

Für Fragen rund um Reisen auf den Spuren berühmter Persönlichkeiten kontaktieren Sie mich gerne. Für Gruppen stellen wir Reisen auch individuell für den Star Ihrer Wahl zusammen.


Christiane Tronigger

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