The Penguins of Boulders, South Africa …

… those little buggers …

… are really adorable, aren’t they?

Penguins in Boulders, South Africa

Penguin couple. (c) I.Mader

lonesome wanderer 😉 (c) I.Mader

This species is the so called African Penguin. More:

We recommend you stay in nearby Cape Town and drive the 40 km south to Boulders. A little further south make sure to visit Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet.

There are many nice places to stay. We recommend to get advice on where is the best to stay in terms of your itinerary and budget.

One recommendation upfront, a very unique hotel with a magnificent view:

Colona Castle *****
1 Verwood Street
7945 Cape Town, RSA.

For avaialble rooms and prices you may check here

Make it the vacation of your dreams!



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